Salary & Benefits

Our people form the backbone of our Public Service. We believe in investing in talent and developing our officers to their fullest potential. We pay market competitive salaries and provide a suite of leave, medical, and other benefits to attract and retain the talent we need.

Public officers are paid a salary comparable with that of the private sector for an employee with similar abilities and responsibilities. The exact salary offered is dependent on the job, and how qualified you are for it. Bonuses and increments are based on your performance relative to your peers with a similar job size. They are not based on academic results, nationality or years on the job.

All public officers receive an annual package comprising both monthly and annual salary components. Some agencies provide additional remuneration based on the unique nature or requirements of the job.

Leave Benefits
Public officers enjoy a wide range of leave benefits including vacation, medical, study, marriage, maternity/paternity, childcare, and parent-care leave.

Medical Benefits

As a public officer on the Medisave-cum-Subsidised Outpatient (MSO) medical benefits scheme, you will receive an additional 2% of your gross monthly salary into your Central Provident Fund Medisave Account.

You will also receive a subsidy of up to $500 per calendar year for your medical expenses. Any unused amount of the first $350 subsidy will be credited into your Medisave account, while the remaining $150 will be on a reimbursement basis.

Dental Benefits

You will be reimbursed 85% of your dental expenses per visit, up to a maximum of $120 per year.

Group Insurance Scheme

Public officers may apply to join the Public Officers Group Insurance Scheme to provide additional financial security to you and your family. The scheme provides worldwide coverage at low premium rates against death, total and permanent disablement and partial and permanent disablement.

Long Service Awards Investiture 2017 at the Istana

Long Service Award

Those who have been in the Civil Service for at least 5 years and shown good performance and conduct are given a Long Service Award as a token of appreciation of your loyalty and dedicated service.

Civil Service Club

As a public officer, you will enjoy preferential rates for Civil Service Club memberships which will allow you to access their services with member privileges.

Non-members who are public officers will also get to enjoy the use of Civil Service Club chalets at preferential rates. These chalets offer a relaxing getaway for you and your family. Visit Civil Service Club Chalets for details.

Employee Support Services

We care about the wellbeing of our public officers and provide a suite of services to support their needs. For instance, Ministries are allocated funds to organise activities or programmes to improve staff wellbeing.

As part of efforts to better support mental wellbeing, we are starting a Service-wide programme to train mental wellness ambassadors to provide peer support and care to co-workers. For public officers who might need professional help, they may call the whole-of-government central hotline for counselling services.

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