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Apply as Intern

Apply as Intern


* Please note that the I@Gov programme will take a hiatus in 2018 as we review the programme to design a better internship experience for students. You may explore positions that are available from May to Aug 2018 here. This portal also lists internships with public agencies that are available throughout the year. You may wish to check directly with the public agencies to enquire about suitable internship projects too.




2018 Internships@Gov


Established in 2008, the Internships@Gov (I@Gov) programme gives undergraduates the opportunity to learn about the values, culture and work of the Singapore Public Service. The programme is centrally administered by the Public Service Division, with students placed on internships with participating public agencies.

Through I@Gov, interns will: 

  • Develop a broader understanding of the Singapore Public Service and how it contributes to a successful and vibrant Singapore. 
  • Apply their knowledge and skills to high-quality projects, in collaboration with public officers. 
  • Gain valuable professional insights from Public Service Leaders (PSLs) and public officers, through dialogue and engagement sessions; learning journeys; and customised workshops.

Application Criteria

Students should:

  • Be studying as an undergraduate in a local or overseas university, have completed his/her first year of studies; be a matriculated student for the duration of the programme.
  • Have an excellent academic and/or co-curricular track record. 
  • Demonstrate good leadership qualities.
  • Have a keen interest in the values, culture and work of the Singapore Public Service.
  • Meet the project requirements of the participating public agencies.
  • Not be a scholarship recipient with specific bond obligations. 
  • Not have previously participated in I@Gov.

Internship Period

I@Gov is a structured programme that runs for at least eight weeks (subject to the availability of interns and the requirements of participating public agencies).

Contact Details

For more information, contact us at