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When will I get a response for my job application?

When will I get a response for my job application? Agencies review all job application received and will contact shortlisted candidates for interviews. All applicants will generally be notified on whether they are shortlisted or not within 4-6 weeks of the closing date of the job posting or by the date specified in the job posting.

How are starting salaries determined in the Public Service?

Your starting salary would be determined based on:
- Your credentials (such as your work experience and skills)
-The demands of the job (such as the type of work and scheme of service that you are appointed to)
- The prevailing labour market condition.

How do I check my application status?

Login to your Careers@Gov account. The status of your job applications will be shown on the 'Home' page. If you are not able to find the application, that could be because you have made more that 200 job applications.
Please quote the position title and/or reference number attached to your application if you wish to contact the agency's HR or Careers@Gov administrator with further queries.

How do I know whether my qualification is recognised for employment to the Public Service?

There is no central authority that assesses or accords recognition to degrees for employment into the Public Service. In general, degrees from universities accredited by the home government of the country where the university is located will be considered for appointment into the Public Service. This applies to degrees obtained full-time or part-time, through distance learning or twinning programmes etc. Each public service agency decides on the skills required for their respective jobs, and qualification may be one proxy for the required skills. For overseas professional qualifications, agencies will check whether these are recognised by the relevant professional bodies in Singapore.

Is it true that the Public Service is interested in recruiting only fresh graduates?

We are interested in recruiting the best people for our jobs - be they fresh graduates or mid-career entrants. We consider the candidate's work experience, personalities, skills and other credentials during the selection process.
We are constantly on a look-out to recruit outstanding talent at all job levels, and we welcome mid-career candidates to share their wealth of experience and knowledge to provide a different perspective to the job issues and challenges.


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