Why do I need to re-register a new account on Careers@Gov when I already have an account on the old job portal?:

This is a newly-implemented system with an additional security feature that uses 2FA authentication to protect your data. Before logging into the new job portal, all users will need to perform a one-time registration, and at the same time activate the 2FA authenticator.

To serve you better, we have also introduced SingPass login in the new Careers@Gov portal. The NRIC you key in during the one-time registration will link the system to your SingPass account. Subsequently, you can login faster using your SingPass.

Users who wish to sync their candidate data from the old Careers@Gov portal must use the same e-mail address that they had registered in the old portal during the one-time registration. However, only records after Jan 2021 will be linked to your new account; records before Jan 2021 will not be migrated over.


If this is your first time logging in to our new job portal since 4th October:

You need to register for an account in the new job portal even if you had an existing account on Careers@Gov. This is to link your profile to SingPass for faster login subsequently. You only need to do this ONCE.

  1. Fill up the registration form. If you had an existing account in Careers@Gov, please use the same email address you used previously so that your profile will be linked to your old account.
  2. To protect your account and personal information, you will be prompted to use Google Authenticator app for 2FA authentication. Please download the app from App Store or Google Play if you don't have it. You will need to use the app to scan the QR code shown on the registration page.
  3. You will then receive an email to activate your account.

Once you have activated the account, you may login to Careers@Gov using SingPass.


If you have registered an account on our new job portal before, but are still facing issues: 

Your account may need to be reset. Please email us at careers.gov.technicalhelp@psd.gov.sg for us to help you with this.


If you have already created a new account using the 3-step registration above:

You may login to Careers@Gov using SingPass. However, if you are still facing issues after registering your account, please email us at careers.gov.technicalhelp@psd.gov.sg



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