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How can we make our living environment better within the constraints of our small size? Contribute to a making Singapore a vibrant, clean and liveable city with sustainable development, robust infrastructure and good connectivity.

Are you someone who would enjoy the challenge of developing Singapore into a leading global city of talent, enterprise and innovation? We are looking for people passionate about nurturing our multi-industry economy and ensuring our country's continued development. Join us to create and implement systems that boost our ability to meet our needs for food, water, shelter and growth.

Do you believe Singapore should be a more connected, more cohesive and resilient society with a gracious community? We need people who enjoy enriching the lives of our people, who take pride in ensuring our communities have the opportunities and resources to be successful and feel a great sense of reward when these efforts result in a stronger, tighter, happier nation.

Does the idea of keeping our people, our children safe and secure fill you with a sense of purpose? The security sector is always on the lookout for people who are just as passionate about making Singapore a safe home - a place where we are able to sleep soundly at night, a place where our children play safely in neighbourhoods.

Are you someone who can work tirelessly to ensure that the nation runs smoothly and that our strategies benefit Singapore's future? A function that cuts across all ministries, the Central Administration sector develops leaders who contribute to a consultative and customer-centric government that uses resources effectively and efficiently.

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An advanced nation - one that excels in the new global economy - requires a trustworthy communication infrastructure and technology.

Providing access to information about the Government's policies, and helping the people understand them, as well as developing the infocomm media, cyber security and design sectors are part and parcel of what we do to connect people to exciting business and job opportunities.

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Last Updated: 26 February 2024 12:00
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