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Accounting & FinanceAudit AdministrationThe facilitation of audits and the subsequent follow-up on audit findings to strengthen financial operations and controls
Accounting & FinanceBudget & Peformance ManagementThe knowledge and deployment of measures and systems to monitor and report on the budget utilization and performance of the agency. This includes the evaluation and use of appropriate performance measures to manage and drive performance
Accounting & FinanceBudget Planning & Administration"The execution of activities relating to short term and long term budget planning and administration to support the operations and strategic outcomes of the agency"
Accounting & FinanceCash Flow Management"The projection of cash flow requirements in accordance to operational, capital and investment needs and to determine financing mechanisms such as raising of capital through issuance of bonds where necessary"
Accounting & FinanceFinancial AnalysisThe application of analysis tools and techniques on financial information to assess financial implications and financial viability in order to provide value-added financial insights and points of view to support agency’s plans
Accounting & FinanceFinancial ReportingThe application of principles and appropriate accounting treatments
Accounting & FinanceGovernance & Internal ControlsThe knowledge and application of internal control frameworks, regulations and policies (which may include use of analytical tools and techniques such data analytics) to strengthen the governance and control of the agency
Accounting & FinanceInternal Audit & AssuranceThe knowledge and application of audit methodology, auditing standards, principles, techniques and tools to achieve internal audit and assurance objectives, and the reporting of audit results to the Audit Committee
Accounting & FinancePortfolio ManagementThe management of fund managers and custodian banks
Accounting & FinanceResource Management & OptimisationThe allocation and prioritisation of resources by balancing costs, benefits and risks to ensure value-for-money spending and alignment to agency and government’s strategic outcomes