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Salaries depend on the job you are applying for and how qualified you are for the job. Bonuses and increments are based solely on performance – not on academic results, nationality or seniority.

All public officers enjoy service-wide benefits. Some agencies provide additional benefits to their officers.

Key Principles in Deciding Salaries

Market Competitive Salaries

We believe in market competitive salaries to attract and retain the talent we need. Public officers are paid a salary comparable with that of the private sector for an employee with similar abilities and responsibilities. Salary reviews are conducted regularly to ensure that we keep up with the market.

Performance-Based Pay

We link pay to performance so as to effectively motivate our officers and ensure fair rewards. Bonuses and increments are also tied to your performance.

Starting Salaries

We do not have a Service-wide fixed starting salary. Instead, starting salaries vary based on:

  1. The prevailing labour market –such as the market rate for a similar position and size of talent pool
  2. The demands of the job – such as the type of work and responsibilities
  3. The candidate’s calibre – such as work experience, skills, education and personal qualities

Annual Salary

Your Annual Salary is made up of:

  • Monthly Salary
  • Performance Bonus (PB)
  • Merit Increment (MI)
  • Annual Variable Component (AVC)
  • Other Annual Bonuses

Performance Bonus (PB)
Bonus given to officers based on their performance.

Merit Increment (MI)
Annual increments based on the performance and potential of the officer. This is subject to review and it is dependent on economic conditions.

Annual Variable Component (AVC)
A Service-wide annual bonus that may be paid out based on economic conditions and the Service's overall performance.

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