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From Our HR Leaders

From Our HR Leaders


Workplace Trends in 2019 and Beyond

What will the workplace be like in 2019 and beyond? The Public Service’s Chief Human Resource Officer Ms Low Peck Kem shares three trends to look out for.

Growth Mindset

“Our minds are made to constantly grow and try something more,” says Mr. Spencer Heng, a human resource professional with more than 20 years of experience in human capital management and development.


Forging Your Own Career Path

Few children aspire to work in Human Resource. So how did Ms Arina Koh, HR Director at the Ministry of Manpower find her way into this unique career path?


What does “Future of Work” mean to a Home Team officer?

We speak to Senior HR Director at Ministry of Home Affairs, Ms Shirlyn Ng, about the steps officers can take to thrive in this new environment.


3 Things to Consider if You Want to be a STEM Officer

Heard that the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math fields are male-dominated? Boring? Laboratory-based? A place with limited progression? Most of these stereotypes are false except that the STEM industry by and large remains male dominated, says Ms Evangeline Chua, Chief People Officer at GovTech.

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Tips to be Happy at Work

With over eight hours a day spent in the office, we see our colleagues more than our family members – work truly consumes a huge portion of our lives, Dr Noraslinda Zuber, Director Human Capital at Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura, notes.


Set Up for Public Service Success

With over two decades of service and multiple stints across different government agencies under his belt, Mr Patrick Yee, now People Management and Development Director at the National Library Board (NLB), is a true Public Service veteran. These are his tips to navigating a successful Public Service career.