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Yay or Nay - Part 1

Yay or Nay - Part 1


Finding a job can be difficult and frustrating. In this new Yay or Nay series, Ms Low Peck Kem, Chief HR Officer from the Public Service Division, answers burning questions to help fresh grads and mid-careerist plan their next step. Find out more about what she has to say!


Q: Should I take on a job, even if it’s not my ideal one?

Ms Low: Although you may think that a job is not a perfect fit or may even be in a different field from your course of study or previous employment, there will always be competencies and attributes that will be applicable across different fields and roles. Find the joy in the role and make the most of the experience, picking up new skills and competencies, and growing the ones that you already have.

No skill is wasted - it is just waiting to be used in the right job at the right time.

Q: Should I switch to a job with a lower pay?

Ms Low: It is becoming increasingly popular for people to break up their careers into sections of three to five years and consider making mid-career switches based on their phase of life or to stay relevant.

While some switches may mean a temporary pay reduction, it may springboard to higher level roles which either pay more or give you higher levels of fulfilment.

Q: Should I consider taking on a short-term contract job that doesn’t offer as much stability?

Ms Low: While most contract jobs are usually for shorter durations, such arrangements give employers and employees the flexibility to review and decide next steps that are best for each of them.

The Work and Skills Immersion Programme and the SG United Job Traineeships are examples of how we can make the most of the programmes put in place to let people learn in a safe environment in the short term.